Class Interior | 2016

Class Interior - adaptive online catalogue for italian furniture


Graphical concept, web design, web development


Our client Class Interior Ltd. asked us to create online-based catalogue. One modern and functional product, which would represent the wide and diverse range of products and services of the company. The main challenge in this project was the informational architecture. We used the principals of the modular adaptive design to create different as outlook and summaries for the different "depths". We gave up the "classic" pop-up navigation, and replaced it with the navigation of the "tiles" type. The slender visual system organized and put into a frame the broad and diverse in stylistic range of the company. The project has responsive design and is available to multiple client devices. The interface is based on a flexible and scalable grid.


HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, php


Class Interior Ltd. is Italian furniture importer and offers furniture for residentials, hotels, office buildings and restaurants. The product range of the company also includes upholstered furniture, furniture for dining rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, children's rooms, studies, offices and public spaces.

I-Creativ Studio - Web Design, Development