Cocoa-Bg | 2020

Online store for handmade chocolate products


The project

Here's how our customers present themselves:
"Chocolate is a passion we have been into for more than a decade. Since 2009, our master chocolatiers make each product by hand with the great patience and attention that chocolate requires, and always with fresh products. We create our products to leave a vivid memory, evoke unforgettable emotions and deliver pleasure. "
The above quote largely determined our approach to the task. The main design challenge for us was to find the balance between good (but standard) practices and the demand for the individual. We decided to "escape" from the usual colour and typographic solutions for this type of product. Post-production of graphic images follows the basic colour convention. The original typographic scheme included only one font in variable font format. In the work process arose a need to include additional serif font. In terms of the graphic grid, we focused on the modular principle: the information and graphic elements are "assembled" to each other. This allows project administrators to create interfaces according to the specific content of each document.


Pchela 97 Ltd. started on November 29, 1993 with the cult confectionery "Pchela" at 12 Tsar Ivan Asen II Street in Sofia, Bulgaria. The company has its products in almost every branch of confectionery: ice cream, cakes and pastries, syrupy cakes, muffins and muffins, éclairs and puff pastry, biscuits and snacks, handmade chocolate figures, lollipops and candies, boutique cakes and cupcakes, pies and saltiness. Pchela 97 Ltd. has its own trade network of nine confectioneries and one shop for chocolate figures in Sofia.

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