Elbg | 2020

Elbg - Online store for lighting fixtures



The project:

This is the second project we developed for Elbulgaria. Our first project for this client dates back to 2017. It includes an extremely wide range of lighting products and accessories from dozens of manufacturers. Together with the development of the company and its growth, the need to create an additional web project arose. Its task is to present the company's own range of lighting fixtures. The project is multilingual and its goal is to promote and sell in Bulgaria and abroad. The challenges facing such tools are many and at different levels. In order to find the right solutions we, together with our clients, analysed various opportunities and approaches. We focused on a navigation solution that is more typical of a mobile application. This allowed the project to become much lighter and more intuitive as an interface. We have created direct links from the home page, to all categories and main subcategories of lighting fixtures. The design of the project follows the company's line. It is as clean as possible with precise detail and composition. The same goes for micro animations, transitions and scrolling motion.
The back end of the website is based on Laravel 7 and numerous PHP and JS libraries. The store ahs multiple payment solutions enabled, a control panel with great flexibility and many features. A great advantage of the CMS is the import and export of content. This allows adding and editing of a large number of products in a relatively short time - a basic requirement for stores and projects with a wide article range.

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