Chipolino | 2020

Online product catalog for baby and children products



We've worked with this client back in the distant 2008 when we developed together with the advertising and marketing team of the company their corporate website. It was a great success for its time and was one of the most awarded dynamic flash-driven websites. Our mutual research showed that the target audience of these products prioritizes mobile devices. This determined the focus of the new project. We created a light, elegant and maximally clean interface. We paid special attention to the typography and readability. The asymmetrical grid and the alternation of active graphic areas and empty spaces in it gave the desired rhythm and style. The CMS allows changing both the content and the structure of the project. In response to the interest of the brand's distributors abroad, the creation of additional localized versions of the website is envisaged.


Chipolino is a leading manufacturer and trader of baby and children goods, based in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. The company's product range includes baby strollers, car seats, toys, clothes and more. Chipolino Ltd. is part of the holding MAXEUROPE - the largest bicycle manufacturer in Bulgaria and South-east Europe.

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