Developer Award from Awwwards for I-Creativ Studio

Today we've learned that our 2016 Corrupted Time project, has been awarded with Developer Award from Awwwards. is one of the two most important global forums for web design and development, and also the most significant one, according to big part of the web designers. The other one of this level is FWA.

Extremely high worldwide recognition

Here is a short quote from the website of Аwwwards about the significance of the prize: „The Developer Award is different from the rest of the awards in web-development. Focused on balancing innovative design with quality code, winners are recognized for setting the bar for the new foundation of the modern web."
This extremely high worldwide recognition has been given to just one more studio in Bulgaria!

Why have we received this message an year and a half after 18.06.2016... we have no idea actually.

Learn more about the award. Look at the certificate

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