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Main Team

We are small as a team, big as creatives.

The first projects of I-creativ studio date back in 2002. In the beginning the studio acted as an informal association, later in 2006 it evolved into I-creativ LTD. The web company is situated in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. The core of the studio consists of two partners bound by long friendship and common goals, diverse in their skills and interests, cohesive as a team.

Ivan Yonov. Programming (back-end web development). Partner

Experienced developer of dynamic web applications that uses the latest server and front-end technologies. He develops and integrates the CMSes and databases of our projects. He works mainly with open code software and uses freely PHP, Python, SQL, JavaScript, HTML. A father of two sons, (ex) party organizer, passionate book reader, wonderful cook. Always calm and positive (probably if angry he could be quite fearsome, not seen yet). His twisted musical taste often brings heartburn and headache to the team.

Yohannes Artinyan. Design (front-end web development). Partner

Master of Arts. He is a winner of great number of prizes for sculpture (his academic subject), architecture and web design. He is a founder of  Art Group 7+1  which is one of the most significant art groups in Bulgarian contemporary art. He is responsible for the visual design of our projects. He is engaged in HTML5 and CSS structuring, JavaScript  development. Always thinking and analyzing (aloud), using the golden ratio (relatively), arguing and debating, seeking perfection. In his spare time He plays with polymers, metals, art ideas, photo cameras. Enjoys journeys in isolated places, with good view, close company, fine food and drinks, with no wifi connection.

And now we are listening..

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