Hugo Voeten Sculpture Park | 2009

Sculpture Park and art collection online presence



full visual concept, visual identity, logotype, typographic grid and selection, website concept, web design, web development.


The task we had - to make the site of Hugo Voeten Sculpture Park, was very enticing at the same time very complex. Our aim was to "immerse" the viewer into the atmosphere of the art collection and into each art work. The wonderful pictures of Ivo Hadjimishev gave us the key how to achieve this goal. So after we had our concept, we started with the logo elaboration, website concept and development. The website is a presentation flash website of the Sculpture Park, its collection, location.


XHTML, CSS2, Flash / AS3, XML, JavaScript, PHP.


Hugo Voeten is a Belgian art collector. His collection began over 30 years ago. The private sculpture park in Geel, Belgium of nearly half an acre shows more than 200 works by more than 35 artists.


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