Respect Consult | 2013

Respect Consult - Corporate html5 Website



website concept, web design , web development.


Our goal was to build a complete image of the prestigious consulting company . We started with the informational architecture of the project . We also structured the content, in order to provide fast, consistent and direct access to the main themes and sections of the project. The clean concept design and adaptability of the interface, allow the site to be viewed on all clients devices from widescreen monitors to smartphones with screen width of 320px. The corporate website of " Respect consult" adequately positions the company in the digital space .


HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, PHP


"Respect Consult" is one of the leading and trusted consulting companies in the city of Plovdiv and Bulgaria. "Respect Consult" consults and advises Bulgarian and foreign physical and legal entities, organisations with non-profit aim and multinational companies in all law areas.

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