Yuri Gagarin Plc | 2014

YURI GAGARIN PLC – Corporate Website


http:// gagarin.eu/en


website concept, web design, web development


Yuri Gagarin PLS covers a wide range of products and services, which must be presented in their corporate website. At the same time , the project is a tool by which the shareholders are kept informed of the current status , upcoming events and have an easy access to the corporate financial statements and reports. The complexity of the project consisted in the content – different in its type and objectives, to be united and perfectly organized . As all our projects lately, this also has an adaptive design , making the site accessible to all types of client devices.


HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, php, MySQL


Yuri Gagarin PLC holds one of the most significant, in terms of capacity and quality, printing houses in the Balkans. The capacity allows processing of over 1500 tonnes of cardboard and paper per month. Yuri Gagarin PLC is also a leading manufacturer of cigarette filters. This is one of the first stock companies, whose shares are listed for trading on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange.

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