ADIG Ltd | 2014

ADIG Ltd – Responsive Corporate Website



The corporate website of ADIG provides rich information about the company, its staff and the majority of the partners in it. The company's partners are leading manufacturers of products for production and storage of wine.They are presented on the site with detailed information. The site meets company's customers with all innovations in the winemaking. The dynamic winemaking protocols, that allow the users to calculate the required raw material for a given quantity of wine are an important element of the project. The site is with responsive design - all functionality is available on all kinds of consumer devices .


HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, php, MySQL


ADIG Ltd. was founded in 1993. Initially, the company focuses on distribution of products for the production of wine from leading manufacturers. Besides this activity, the company provides consulting and launch consultations in the field of viticulture and winemaking with the help of French and Italian experts.

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