Puppet Theatre | 2014

State Puppet Theatre website – online presentation of performances, program




web concept, web design and web development.


Redesign of the website of the State Puppet Theatre Plovdiv. Our collaboration with Puppet Theatre Plovdiv dates back in 2005, when we developed the first website of the theater with the most innovative technology for its time - Flash.


This second version of the site is not only equipped with a system for content management(CMS), but also fully meets the current requirements for the presentation of web content. The project presents an opportunity to review the entire repertoire of theater, booking tickets for shows from the theater's program, as well as extensive information for the conducting in Plovdiv International Festival of Theatrical Art.


HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, php, MySQL


State Puppet Theatre Plovdiv has a long history and a wide repertoire of performances for both children and adults. This is one of the leading theaters in Bulgaria, whose productions have won repeatedly prestigious national and international awards for theater.

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