Stoyan Kutsev | 2015

Stoyan Kutsev - Art Projects



Art conception, website conception, web design, web development

Project description:

The site represents Stoyan Kutsev's digital portfolio. This project includes selected projects in the field of painting, installation, video, created in the last 20 years. We chose a solution with a minimalistic interface. We decided not to use grid for positioning the elements of the interface but to work with different modules that can be combined depending on the content of each document / page. This allowed us to find the most adequate vision for each period of the artist work. We were looking for precise typography and graphic rhythm as well as most simple effects. The site is made with responsive design and use the latest technologies and practices for "Multi-Device Layouts" development.


HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, php


Stoyan Kutsev was born in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. Work in Plovdiv and Sofia. He is one of the important authors in Bulgarian contemporary art. Winner of numerous awards. His works are owned by City Gallery of Fine Arts - Plovdiv, City Gallery of Fine Arts - Stara Zagora, Voeten Collection - Belgium, private collections in Bulgaria, Germany, France, Japan, the USA.

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