CARRA |2015

CARRA - Baby Strollers and accessories


art conception, web site conception, web design, web development

Case Study:

Our team was assigned with the development of an online catalog for "CARRA". The motto of the italian manufacturer - "Precision and quality on every detail" - has become the main focus in the web design solution. We started with the content management. We have simplified the project structure as united sections with information about the company within a document. This allowed us to focus on products. We were looking for aesthetics in each of the project sections. Fonts, high quality photographic materials, color and rhythm - we used and combined the whole arsenal of tools. The composition and the typography are flexible and adaptable. The design varies depending on the client device ( PC, tablet, smartphone) for optimal user experience.


Carra is a young brand combining the best Italian traditions in design and latest technology in ergonomics, lightweight, and functionality. Their products are made for the modern woman, mother and professional, who has to perform all these three tasks in her daily routine.

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