Representative website for hand-knotted decorative carpets


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Case Study:

When we describe our tasks here we always strive to leave emotions aside. However, there are projects for which it is impossible. We created the first version of this website in 2007. Developed on Flash the project has become emblematic of our studio. The current project goes even further, this is definitely a different project. Completely free of unnecessary items and effects, the project not just shows but tells the history and present of Rodopski Kilim. Changing the interface elements and information architecture repeatedly we wanted to find the optimal rhythm for our story. The project is with responsive design. The individual sections and subsections are independent and follow a logical rhythm in scrolling.


HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, php


The "Rodopski kilim" carpets are tied entirely by hand like the most ancient discovered models. The brand new unique hand made carpets of the company are based on the design of famous contemporary artists.

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