Audax Corp  | 2016

Audax Corp - Corporate website



Graphical conception, web design, web development, photography.


„AUDAX CORP – High quality product solutions of ferrous and non-ferrous metals" - the title of the front page of the website predetermined our approach to the project. We were looking for an overall solution, combining vision and message, product catalogue and specialized information. Starting with the photo shooting, through the building of the graphical interface, up to the creation of the content management system - at all stages of our work we were guided by the idea of a single product with a clear purpose and mission. This focus determined the final result – a modern corporate website, away from all the banal and impersonal templates.


HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, PHP. The website features a CMS, which gives customers complete control over the content.


Here is a quote from the website, illustrating the philosophy of AUDAX CORP.: „Trading in metals has a tendency to develop into an activity, that not only offers available product, but also provides a solution to the current cases."

I-Creativ Studio - Web Design, Development