NextDom | 2017

NextDom - Corporate online catalog



Visual concept, web design and development

Task and description:

This project is pure example for excellent cooperation between a client and a web agency. Our task was to create a product with flexible interface that follows the relevant content. The soultion was in the good planning and the accurate database design. We also created an addaptive modular web interface which allows different visual approaches. The front-end loads different dedicated resources for each device type (smartphone, tablet, workstation), which makes the user experience even more agile and easy. The simple but powerful CMS makes the website a strong and effective marketing weapon in the hands of our clients.


HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, PHP. Control management system.

The Client:

This is how NEXTDOM describes itself:
"The fundamental principle behind NEXTDOM, is to design your home with all the necessities and nothing more."

I-Creativ Studio - Web Design, Development