Plovdiv 2019 | 2017

Plovdiv European Capital Of Culture 2019



Graphic concept, web design, web development.


This project was (and still is) such a challenge. The website is a general purpose tool in the work of Plovdiv2019 Foundation, the main curator and coordinator of the most significant cultural event of the European union in 2019. The European Capital of Culture is unique project, which brings new development opportunities and more potential of the winning city and also new international recognition to the Bulgarian culture. All this combined with the short deadlines for design and development (less than 45 days) made our work extremely dynamic. We had to create a very stylish instrument that connects the audience with all these diverse and significant information units.

Information architecture

We divided the content to modules depending on their type and developed a structure that is as flexible and simple as possible. We replaced the classical tree approach with a flat structure, allowing direct association of units sharing common characteristics.

Graphic concept, grid and typography

The project is using the brand new logotype of Plovdiv2019, created by Punkt Studio and the Uni Neue font, made by Fontfabric - leading font development studio. The modular approach gave the basic interface of the project. We created a bunch of visual elements, which can be combined with one another and could be present in any document depending on its function and content. We simplified them as possible, relying on big wide empty spaces, clean colours and precise typography.


HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, PHP. The website is CMS driven, the client has full control over the content.

The Client:

Plovdiv 2019 Foundation is the organisation that prepared the application of Plovdiv for the title European Capital of Culture 2019 and is handling the implementation of the project

I-Creativ Studio - Web Design, Development