Philip Popoff | 2018

Digital portfolio of Philip Popoff


Our Role:

Graphical concept, web-design, web-development.

The Task

An important part of our job is associated with experimentation. We work with different technologies, in search for unusual web solutions. The work over Philip Popov's web site gave us the opportunity to "apply" this experience on a real project.
The main challenge here was to combine and connect three and two dimensional space. We achieved an organic connection between 3D (webGL ) and 2D interactive environment using as a base one and the same graphic - the digital works of Philip. This way we haven't just created a project, which represents the distinguished graphic artist and designer, but we also have given an opportunity for a different glance over his creativity.
The project received a number of significant international awards (more about them here ).

The Client

Philip Popov is among the most successful, prominent and recognized bulgarian designers. He works in graphics, painting, graphic design and visual arts. Winner of various design awards, first in the Allianz Bulgaria national graphics competition in 2016, two double gold awards from the San Francisco Wine Festival for his wine labels in 2010 and 2012, and etc.

I-Creativ Studio - Web Design, Development