Art. No Borders. | 2020

Art. No Borders. – website for contemporary art exhibition.


The project

"Art. No Borders. Plovdiv." is called the 25th edition of one of the most prestigious events of visual arts in Bulgaria - "Week of ContemporaryArt - Plovdiv". It presents internationally acclaimed artists from Europe, USA and Japan, whose works affect the existing of the human in the present days: who we are, the people of the 21st century, where are we going and are we capable, sacrificing part of the comfort we have, to keep the world for the generations to come? The direct aim of the website was to log this significant art event. It was supposed to be a routine task, but at the end we had to find a visual approach which could apply to each visual unit and to carry certain emotional load without being self-pointing.

The Solution

As always, we begin with the content organizing. We used as-flat-as-possible information architecture. Paid special attention to the typography and after a bunch of experiments we settled on an openly innovatory approach. It is about using variable fonts.
We achieved optimal readability without losing the aesthetics of the interface. The grid is our own developed solution too. We mixed two different approaches of development which gave us asymmetrical graphical rhythm. This asymmetry is gained also by the latent scrolling effect on desktop devices.
The front cover of the web interface copies the graphics of the invitation of the event. The animation is randomly calculated in real time, it is not recorded and played.
We considered the making of CMS not necessary, since the project is not planned to raise and grow much in content.
The website uses Lumen micro framework and no database.

The Result

To evaluate our work here the user should consider the contemporary visual art specifics. The artists working in this range use expression means and methods, which often make their artworks dependant of the time and space of their exhibition. The documentation of this type of events is the only chance for their "existence in certain context" even after the exhibition's cease. At the same time the website manages to recreate also a complete and general image of the event.
This is the fourth project of our studio connected with Plovdiv - European Capital of Culture 2019.

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