Respect Consult | 2019

Visual identity and corporate website for a law office


The Project

RESPECT CONSULT is a leader in the branch of law service in Bulgaria in the sphere of investments, real estate, commercial and tax law. The company has a long history, and the previous variant of the corporate identity was created twenty years ago. They hired us to make a complete corporate rebranding including new website. It was a complex task due to:
-The company and its corporate identity was widely popular and well-known. There was strong requirement the now one to be recognized as a successor.
-The new website to be built in a way that allows big flexibility, since there are a bunch of different marketing purposes.

The Solution

The first step was to create the graphical image. We changed the proportions of the logotype, keeping its basic graphics. We used grid based on the golden ratio, also created new color and typography scheme. Sketches and mockups of basic corporate documents were also made: letters, business cards, catalogs.
After that we got busy with the dynamic website organization. We simplified the navigation as possible in the meaning of capacity and depth. Symmetrical grid is used for the interface. The separate graphical modules are built in a way that allows composing different types of web document as an impression. With the CMS of the project, the client could transform the visual outlook and also the depth in each section of the website. This allows them to make accents on various elements of their activity depending on their current needs and aims.

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