Axbro | 2019

Custom designed furniture accessories


The Project

Axbro is a creative, avant-garde design studio for furniture accessories, mostly legs. Their innovative products aim to add significant individuality to each kind of furniture. Combined with basic furniture components, accessible even in the big commercial stores, the accessories give an unique outlook of the interior.
The challenges here were on many levels. For example: how to communicate such a project, how to be presented visually, how to organise its content and all the possible solutions.

The solution

By the request of the clients, we developed a general concept for presenting the product. We measured the grants, the aims and the resources. We developed an "image" of the product and coordinated it with the photographer and the copywriter. We chose a contrast color scheme and classic typography. The grid of the interface is modular, enabling inclusion of elements and functionality depending on the specific content of each section.
The CMS of the project allows the client to fine-tune the website dynamically depending on their current marketing aims.

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