Yeah!chocolate | 2022

Online Chocolate Store


The Project

"The chocolate is an expression and way of communication for us. We express our emotions and share ideas with it.
The chocolate can do everything - to surprise, to send a message, to gain bliss and happyness."

From the About Us section of the website.

The challenge for us was to create functional and working project synchronised with the philosophy of the brand.
The creation of such unique online shop is a difficult task. And when it is combined with the requirement of emotional suggestion on the users, the things are getting really complicated. There is a strong contrast in the graphics, according to the visual identity of the brand.
The grid is flexible and is composed of distinct modules, which fit to one another according to the resolution of the user's device.
The typography solution is based on one font only. The structure of the website also follows the contemporary approach for clear and simple paths.
On top of ready-made products, the website offers a functionality for composing individual chocolate scheme - chocograma.

The back-end of the website is based on Laravel and a bunch of PHP and JS libraries. There are many payment methods and extra functionalities. The control panel is flexible and powerful.

I-Creativ Studio - Web Design, Development