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web concept, web design and web development.


This is how our customers present themselves: "Our main goal is to offer a personal solution and a non-standard product, tailored to the specific requirements of each customer, through the various possibilities of digital printing. From short runs to large-scale projects, we have the ability and willingness to handle any task quickly and efficiently. " Our joint work with 2x2 dates back to 2007, when we were assigned to develop the previous version of their corporate identity and a small informative site. Over time, and especially with the expansion of the company's activities, the need to rebrand the brand and create of a new modern project with much more advanced functionality. The current site, which we are pleased to present to you, is a maximally flexible modern tool. The construction and rich set of graphic elements allow site administrators to create different types of interfaces depending on the content and specific marketing needs of 2x2.

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