I-Creativ Studio Journal http://i-creativ.net/feed/journal I-Creativ Studio Journal en office@i-creativ.net Copyright 2018 2018-06-21T09:16:59+03:00 <![CDATA[Worldwide honors for I-Creativ Studio]]> I-Creativ Studio http://i-creativ.net/en/article/348-worldwide-honors-for-i-creativ-studio http://i-creativ.net/en/article/348 Worldwide honors for I-Creativ Studio

Our project - Philip Popoff - Artworks has been honored with awards from worldwide famous web community platforms for design and web development.

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<![CDATA[Developer Award from Awwwards for I-Creativ Studio]]> I-Creativ Studio http://i-creativ.net/en/article/346-developer-award-from-awwwards-for-i-creativ-studio http://i-creativ.net/en/article/346 Developer Award from Awwwards for I-Creativ Studio

Here is a short quote from the website of Аwwwards about the significance of the prize: „The Developer Award is different from the rest of the awards in web-development. Focused on balancing innovative design with quality code, winners are recognized for setting the bar for the new foundation of the modern web."

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<![CDATA[Two prizes awarded to I-Creativ Studio]]> I-Creativ Studio http://i-creativ.net/en/article/342-two-prizes-awarded-to-i-creativ-studio http://i-creativ.net/en/article/342 Two prizes awarded to I-Creativ Studio

On 29th of October our studio was awarded twice at the 29th reunion of the Forum "Computer Space", which took place at the big concert hall of the Central Military club in Sofia.

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<![CDATA[We raise the prices! ]]> I-Creativ Studio http://i-creativ.net/en/article/341-we-raise-the-prices_- http://i-creativ.net/en/article/341 We raise the prices!

Everyone is teasing you, telling you that you may receive an awesome product at a terrific price.
- You can have a super successful business with only up to 2 or 3 clicks and an investment of 50-100 EUR...

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<![CDATA[First Prise for I-Creativ Studio at Computer Space 2015]]> I-Creativ Studio http://i-creativ.net/en/article/339-first-prise-for-i-creativ-studio-at-computer-space-2015 http://i-creativ.net/en/article/339 First Prise for I-Creativ Studio at Computer Space 2015

First prize in the category "Web design - art, culture and hobby"

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<![CDATA[I-creativ studio “Plovdiv” award ]]> I-Creativ Studio http://i-creativ.net/en/article/335-i-creativ-studio-_plovdiv_-award- http://i-creativ.net/en/article/335 I-creativ studio “Plovdiv” award

Our studio received the award in the "Art designed for children" category for the State Puppet Theatre Plovdiv's website.

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<![CDATA[Spring Party 2015]]> I-Creativ Studio http://i-creativ.net/en/article/332-spring-party-2015 http://i-creativ.net/en/article/332 Spring Party 2015

Each year in the beginning of May our studio make party.

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<![CDATA[I-Creativ studio awards by Computer Space 2014]]> I-Creativ Studio http://i-creativ.net/en/article/331-i-creativ-studio-awards-by-computer-space-2014 http://i-creativ.net/en/article/331 I-Creativ studio awards by Computer Space 2014

I-Creativ received three awards in the competition part of the international festival for computer arts "Computer Space" 2014. Our awarded projects are in section "Web design: Arts and Culture".

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<![CDATA[Recognition of the new site of Puppet Theatre - Plovdiv]]> I-Creativ Studio http://i-creativ.net/en/article/328-recognition-of-the-new-site-of-puppet-theatre---plovdiv http://i-creativ.net/en/article/328 Recognition of the new site of Puppet Theatre - Plovdiv

Last week one of our latest projects "Puppet Theatre" received two major awards - WOTD of Css Design Awards and WOTD of CSS Winner.

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<![CDATA[AN IMPACT END DAY]]> I-Creativ Studio http://i-creativ.net/en/article/326-an-impact-end-day http://i-creativ.net/en/article/326 AN IMPACT END DAY

During our last working day for 2013, we have received Honorable Mention from AWWWARDS for our project Digital haiku

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