I-Creativ Studio Journal http://i-creativ.net/feed/journal I-Creativ Studio Journal en office@i-creativ.net Copyright 2017 2017-11-23T20:35:33+02:00 <![CDATA[We raise the prices! ]]> I-Creativ Studio http://i-creativ.net/en/article/341-we-raise-the-prices_- http://i-creativ.net/en/article/341 We raise the prices!

Everyone is teasing you, telling you that you may receive an awesome product at a terrific price.
- You can have a super successful business with only up to 2 or 3 clicks and an investment of 50-100 EUR...

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<![CDATA[First Prise for I-Creativ Studio at Computer Space 2015]]> I-Creativ Studio http://i-creativ.net/en/article/339-first-prise-for-i-creativ-studio-at-computer-space-2015 http://i-creativ.net/en/article/339 First Prise for I-Creativ Studio at Computer Space 2015

First prize in the category "Web design - art, culture and hobby"

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<![CDATA[I-creativ studio “Plovdiv” award ]]> I-Creativ Studio http://i-creativ.net/en/article/335-i-creativ-studio-_plovdiv_-award- http://i-creativ.net/en/article/335 I-creativ studio “Plovdiv” award

Our studio received the award in the "Art designed for children" category for the State Puppet Theatre Plovdiv's website.

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<![CDATA[Spring Party 2015]]> I-Creativ Studio http://i-creativ.net/en/article/332-spring-party-2015 http://i-creativ.net/en/article/332 Spring Party 2015

Each year in the beginning of May our studio make party.

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<![CDATA[I-Creativ studio awards by Computer Space 2014]]> I-Creativ Studio http://i-creativ.net/en/article/331-i-creativ-studio-awards-by-computer-space-2014 http://i-creativ.net/en/article/331 I-Creativ studio awards by Computer Space 2014

I-Creativ received three awards in the competition part of the international festival for computer arts "Computer Space" 2014. Our awarded projects are in section "Web design: Arts and Culture".

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<![CDATA[Recognition of the new site of Puppet Theatre - Plovdiv]]> I-Creativ Studio http://i-creativ.net/en/article/328-recognition-of-the-new-site-of-puppet-theatre---plovdiv http://i-creativ.net/en/article/328 Recognition of the new site of Puppet Theatre - Plovdiv

Last week one of our latest projects "Puppet Theatre" received two major awards - WOTD of Css Design Awards and WOTD of CSS Winner.

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<![CDATA[AN IMPACT END DAY]]> I-Creativ Studio http://i-creativ.net/en/article/326-an-impact-end-day http://i-creativ.net/en/article/326 AN IMPACT END DAY

During our last working day for 2013, we have received Honorable Mention from AWWWARDS for our project Digital haiku

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<![CDATA[Handmade fashion]]> I-Creativ Studio http://i-creativ.net/en/article/324-handmade-fashion http://i-creativ.net/en/article/324 Handmade fashion

Recently Tanya Dimitrova, entrust us the honor to organize and shoot the latest collection of accessories for the fall - winter season 2014.

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<![CDATA[Extra Shots]]> I-Creativ Studio http://i-creativ.net/en/article/322-extra-shots http://i-creativ.net/en/article/322 Extra Shots

Along with the photos, which we did for the project, we shot a lot of extra frames. This series is titled "Unused shots of old innards" and here we present a small part of it.

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<![CDATA[Honorable mention from awwwards]]> I-Creativ Studio http://i-creativ.net/en/article/318-honorable-mention-from-awwwards http://i-creativ.net/en/article/318 Honorable mention from awwwards

A great start for the week so far! Apart from the launch of a major project - Hugo Voeten Art Centre's website, that we'll describe later, today we saw we were awarded with Honorable mention from awwwards.com for our new company website.

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